Operation Werewolf: Operation Werewolf cannot be easily summed up in just a few words on this page, and I would be doing it a disservice to try.  If you want to know what Operation Werewolf is, follow the link and read the War Journal.  If you want a quick summary, the best I'm going to offer you here is a link to this post.

Jack Donovan: Writer/blogger on the topics of Tribalism and Masculinity and author of the excellent books 'The Way of Men' and 'Becoming a Barbarian'.

Norse Mythology For Smart People: An excellent quick resource for many of the concepts in Germanic polytheistic religion.

Barbarian Skull Webzine: Best summed up in the words of its creator: "Barbarian Skull Webzine was created in 2014 by Nate (aka MacTaidh), a Dungeon Synth artist behind the projects Hrungnir, Cimitir, Askaz, and Oldenhelm. The zine was created to promote obscure music projects in various genres including Metal, Folk, Dark Ambient, Martial, Dungeon Synth, and other forms of underground music; focusing on contemporary releases (usually released within the last five years). The bands covered are typically bands who self-release their work or rely on small modest labels, some of which have few or no other published promotion online (for example, although a band such as Drudkh is a great band, it would not be covered by Barbarian Skull considering there are plenty of reviews and material covering the band available already)."

Dungeon Synth Forums: Old school web forum dedicated to the genre of dungeon synth.  If you like the music from those old 90's DOS RPGs like Daggerfall, I suggest checking it out, and join the forum.  I hear they're even trying to get a play-by-post RPG going in there.  Should be interesting.

The Dark Mountain Project: A collective of writers that provide a fresh and more honest perspective on the reality of the times we live in.  

The Art of Manliness: Blog on all things manly by Brett Mckay.  Lots of great stuff here from valuable skills to how to develop good habits and customs.  There's even an excellent series on the importance of ritual.