Watching It All Burn.

*UPDATE* This post is outdated, but I moved it over from my old blog because most of what is written here aligns with my views on the matter.

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I'm not voting in this election.

I don't see the point, and even more, I just no longer care.  As Paul Waggener wrote: "No ruler has ever had your best interest in mind."  Never has this been more evident to me than this election season.  Whether Trump wins or, more likely, Hillary, it makes no difference.  The likely outcome of this election is that whoever wins will maintain the status quo while making a few minor changes here and there that do nothing but line the pockets of the people who actually hold the power.  The best you can hope for, if you're foolish enough to hope at all, is that if your candidate wins, they might keep one of their promises and make that one change you voted for them for.

If it's change you're interested in, why not do something more practical?  Something that has a greater chance of having an outcome that's favorable to you?  Start a tribe, build a business, teach skills to people, anything.  Voting is a great way to have absolutely no impact. 

To borrow again from Paul Waggener, Voting is like "being locked in a cell with two rapists. I know that I am about to be fucked by one of them, and a voice comes over a speaker from somewhere in the cell: “You are about to be raped by one of these men. One will do it while whispering sweet nothings into your ear, the other will say things which you find disagreeable. Please cast your ballot to choose which one.”".  I would take this simile even further and say that your choice of which rapist gets to fuck you only goes to a committee who actually get to decide which one fucks you.  At best your "vote" might influence their decision.

Voting does nothing but stroke your ego if you happen to vote for the winner, and give you a scapegoat if you voted for the loser.  Don't be surprised when starting early next year you see dozens of "Don't blame me, I voted for Trump" bumper stickers on vehicles.

Speaking of Trump, Michael Moore says that many of his supporters see him as a sort of "human Molotov cocktail", and that voting for him is basically a gigantic "Fuck You!" to the elites.  From that point of view, I definitely see the appeal.  There's nothing I'd love to see more than this "Empire of Nothing" burn to the ground and make way for new barbarians to build their tribal societies out of its carcass.  Trump, however, is not the means to that end.  No matter how much Michael Moore says his supporters want him to be, no matter how much the liars and frauds in the Hillary camp say that he is, he's not.  Neither is he the answer to "make America great again".  Jack Donovan is correct in his conclusion that "No one will ever make America great again".  America is done. 

In just under two weeks many of you will go down to your local voting booth and cast your vote.  You'll leave feeling confident that, no matter what the outcome, at least you did your part.  You colored in a little circle next to a candidate's name, or you pressed on a touch screen, or used a punch or whatever method you'll use.  You'll go home, wait for the results, and when they're announced you'll either say "yes, we did it!" with excitement thinking you did something that matter, that counted, you've helped make the world a better place, or you'll grumble about the "other guys" who hijacked the election and are ruining America, and if only they'd listened to you and the millions like you they'd have known better and voted for the right candidate.  Either way, you will have, in reality, done nothing.  Changed nothing.  Helped nothing.  But if that's what makes you feel better, what makes you feel important and like you've helped to make a change in the world, go right ahead.  I won't be joining you.
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No, for me I think I'd rather just watch it all burn.  Burn it down, start over. 

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